Some Parking Habits You Should Seriously Avoid

It is important for every driver to know the rules of the road, lest they may get in trouble or worse, they could really meet some serious injuries or accidents. That is why safety on the road should never be underestimated. On a related note, parking habits should observe the same guidelines laid out to them as well, which is, sadly, often overlooked by many drivers. They tend to carelessly park, not mindful of how or where they park, and this can cause some serious issues aside from paying fines for parking tickets. So it is just as important to be aware of some common problem mistakes you may be committing, such as the following.

Wrong parking direction

Often if you are on an unfamiliar road, you just follow your instincts when looking for a place to park. However, some drivers do not consider other vehicles that are parked in a different manner to theirs, especially for roads that are two-way which is there are guidelines that are very common sense. This is you should park on the side of the street that is faced away from oncoming flow of traffic. Or on the other side, as long as you turn your vehicle facing away oncoming traffic.

Parking on non-parking zones

There are reasons why there are areas designated for parking, and there are places prohibited from parking your vehicles. And no matter why, it should be observed by the drivers, especially on public places. However, it is not that many are disobeying these non-parking rules by choice, some are just not aware of where not to park. To avoid this, it’s simple to look for good line marking (usually either white or yellow) or symbols that point you to a dedicated parking spot, otherwise, avoid risking it.

Wrong parking position

Not only is the direction to where the vehicle is facing can be very confusing for some drivers, even the position they leave their vehicles may tend to be awkward and incorrect. Basically, don’t opt for itty-bitty spaces, meaning, don’t force park your vehicle to a very limited space. Also, the way you will have to start your car should also be put into mind, like be wary of other parked vehicles and at least a meter of gap from yours, be careful of rubber speed humps Perth for smooth maneuver, and align rear bumpers. Furthermore, when you park, make sure to cover the blind spots, as not doing so may lead to serious damage to your vehicle or even serious injuries.

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